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Sign Placement

If you have not picked up your 911 sign for your residence or business, please stop at the office during regular business hours.

  • Must be high enough off the ground to avoid road maintenance equipment.
  • Can be attached to your mailbox post.
  • Must be visible from the road.
  • Must be free from obstructions.
  • Sign must be perpendicular to the road.

Call 911

In an emergency situation, Every Second Counts A matter of minutes could mean the difference between life and death.

The Wirt County 911 Advisory Board wants to ensure the safety of all its residents. They have provided reflective address signs to clearly mark your location. - TIME SAVES LIVES - Please take the time to properly place and install your sign so that emergency personnel can respond in a timely and efficient manner.

Useful Links

911 Advisory Board

Follow this link to learn about the Wirt County 911 Advisory Board.

WV DMV License & ID Cards

A link to the WV DMV Website that will provide information regarding WV Drivers Licenses and ID Cards.

Employee List

Follow this link to learn about the Wirt County 911 Addressing and Mapping Employees.


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